Programmes & Prices

We offer a variety of programmes at our Teesside based centre aimed at recuperation, weight loss and fitness as well as a wash and shampoo service. Each session lasts up to 30 minutes with a maximum swim time of 15 minutes, hydrotherapy referrals last up to 45 minutes, included in the price of each session will be:-

• A short head to tail health check of your dog
• Fill out customer details including details of your vet and telephone number
• Weigh and check dogs muscle mass and record findings
• Shower dog to remove excess dirt and loose hair on the coat
• Fit life jacket/buoyancy aid to the dog
• Proceed with assisted swimming session(a hydrotherapist will give one to one assistance in the pool with the dog)
• Shower away any chlorine on the dogs coat, shampoo and dry the dog using a drying machine or fresh towels
• Fully explain the findings of the session to the owner and give any further advice

All findings will be recorded in the customers file and if necessary forwarded to the customers vet.

A hydrotherapy session which requires a vet referral.

A hydrotherapy session and spa which requires a referral from a vet.

Fitness / leisure swim including a wash and shampoo

Fitness / Leisure swim and spa including a wash and shampoo

A spa session including a shampoo

Fit club is a block of 10 fitness / leisure swims and is available to any dogs that may want to lose weight, swim for fitness or to swim for leisure.

A spa session in conjunction with fit club

A shampoo only

Please contact us for up to date pricing information

We offer a variety of healthy dog foods, treats and stock dog toys and accessories. If your dog requires special dietary food or there is a particular product required, please do not hesitate to ask.